31 MAY 2017

Seminar for School of Economics ICC Students

Date: 31 May, 2017 (Lunch time)
Place: Lecture Room C411 (Kobe Economics and Management Campus)
Topic: "ICC Seminar On Studying Abroad ~From Senior ICC students to Junior ICC Students~"

On 31 May, 2017 GLEP Office (Office of the Global Leader Education Program) and IC Course held a seminar on studying abroad (an Orientation Session on the 2017 Overseas Program) for newly enrolled students in the International Career Course (IC Course).

The Studying Abroad Program contains a wide range of activities, from short-term field trips to long-term exchange study programs, at the partner institutions such as Australia, China and the United States.

Following a short introduction of the individual sub-programs by GLEP Office, senior students, who had participated in the Studying Abroad Program in the past, talked to their junior fellows about their activities, impressions, and experiences from such exchange programs. They also gave some advice and offered further assistance to the first-year students.

The senior students and the freshmen were equally excited about the exchange programs of the University.

ICC (International Career Course) is a special course in School of Economics which provides many lectures taught in English (e.g. Macroeconomics, International Economics, Money and Finance) as well as English classes.

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